Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tasks for this week

Forgot to post this earlier, here is a rough guideline to our tasks this week. I changed it up a little for us Andrew cause I think we'll be more effective that way.

Ricky: Finish Mapping for Container, Texture as much as possible, Model Crane
Sam: Finish Mapping for Elevator, Texture as much as possible
Andrew: finish modeling assets, animate assets (doors, maybe rickys crane?), if you can start rigging my character (I'll let you know when i finish the mapping)
David: Finish unwrapping for character and backpack, find or make a skybox

The remaining things we have to do after that:

rig, weigh and animate character, create 3rd person controller (unity), compose everything (unity), create events (unity), light everything (unity)
+everything else i probably forgot

Have a great week guys :)

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